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HP Designjet CP Series Printers - System Error 020004

In this document:

System Error 020004 is caused when the Service Station cannot find the home position. The most common cause is a defective or malfunctioning Service Station Assembly. Follow the steps listed in this document to accurately determine and replace the appropriate parts.

Parts required (part numbers are subject to change)back to table of contents

Part description

2X00CP - C4703A, C4704A, C6085A

3X00CP - C4723A, C4724A, C6084A

Service Station Assembly (Required)



Troubleshooting stepsback to table of contents

If parts are replaced or fixed in any of the steps listed below, attempt to verify printer functionality by turning the printer on and printing internal test prints. If functionality is verified, no additional parts should be replaced.

  1. Turn the printer off using the power switch on the back of the printer.
  2. Open the right door and the top cover.
  3. Ensure all Print head cleaners are correctly seated.
  4. Check for any media or other obstructions under the right-hand cover.
  5. If problems were detected and rectified in the steps above test printer functionality. If no problems were found or the problem persists continue with the remaining steps.
  6. Remove the right-end cover from the printer, and turn the printer on. (Place the end cover on a chair or other elevated object to prevent the right-end cover from falling.)
  1. Locate the Service Station flag, attached to the side of the Service Station (refer to figure 1).
  1. Check that the flag is not sticking. If the flag is sticking, clean it with a Q-tip or lint-free cloth dampened with water.
  2. Check that the flag is installed correctly.
  1. Check the pivot of the service station flag, the flag should pivot freely.
  2. If problems were noticed and corrected in any of the above steps, turn on the printer and verify functionality. If functionality is proven, no parts need to be replaced.
  3. If no problems are found, or the error re-appears, continue with performing the "D05 Service Station diagnostic test" as listed below.

Perform the D05 Service Station diagnostic testback to table of contents

  1. Turn the printer on, and wait for the printer to initialize.
  1. Press Enter at the Status display.
  2. Using the Arrow keys, scroll to the Utilities and press Enter.
  3. Simultaneously press the Enter key and the Up Arrow key to access the Service test submenu.
  4. Scroll to Diagnostics and press Enter.
  5. Scroll to D05 Service Station and press Enter.
  6. The printer will begin to test the operation of the Service Station and Primer assemblies.
  7. If the message "D0500 OK" is displayed the test has passed.
  8. If the test fails, replace the Service Station assembly (refer to pages 8-26, 8-87 of the service manual).
  9. Verify printer functionality by printing several internal prints.

Performing service calibrationsback to table of contents

Following each calibration, turn the printer off to store the new calibration values in the EEROM. Turn the printer on (entering Service mode) and perform the next required calibration. Repeat this cycle until all necessary calibrations have been performed.

  1. Make sure the printer is turned off from the power switch on the back of the printer.
  2. Hold the Up Arrow key and the Enter key down while turning the printer on.
  1. Once the message Status/Ready is displayed on the front panel, press Enter.
  2. Use the Arrow keys to scroll to the Utilities menu display and press Enter.
  3. Scroll to Service Tests and press Enter.
  4. Scroll to Service Calibrations and press Enter.
  5. Use the Arrow keys to scroll through the specific calibrations and press Enter when the required calibration is displayed.

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