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HP Designjet 700 Printers - Switch Power Off Check Cartridge Path

In this document:

Introductionback to table of contents

This document describes procedures to correct excess friction or obstruction in the carriage path. The most common cause of this error message is the Y-motor. Follow the steps listed below to accurately troubleshoot the issue, and replace the appropriate parts.

Parts requiredback to table of contents

Part description

Models C4706A/B

Models C4705A/B

Y-Motor (Required)



Carriage Belt (Required)



Encoder Strip (Required)



Lubricant (Required)

6040-0854 / 6040-60855

6040-0854 / 6040-60855

Cutter Assembly (Required)



Idler Pulley (Required)



Tensioner (Optional)



Troubleshooting stepsback to table of contents

Verify functionalityback to table of contents

Turn the printer off, then on, and print several internal plots "E" or "D" size.

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